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  • Is It Appropriate to Decorate With Artifacts?

    So you just returned from a great trip to Mexico and while you were there, you managed to find several artifacts that you
    were able to stow away with you in your bags. You think they are beautiful pieces and would like to display them in your
    home so you can see the artifacts on a daily basis while showing your guests what cool items you found on your vacation.

    But do you really think it is a good idea to decorate your home with ancient artifacts? Sure, it is a very cool memento of
    your vacation, but have you ever stopped and thought of what those artifacts mean to the people of that land. You may not
    want to have it in your home after all.

    Think of it this way, how would you feel if people from other countries decorated their homes with pieces of the World Trade
    Center Towers. Yes, a very dramatic comparison, but to the people of those countries, the artifacts have more history and
    meaning in them that you could never imagine or understand.

    So, if you are thinking about decorating with artifacts you have found during your travels, take heed. People also feel that
    decorating with artifacts can bring bad karma into your house and possibly haunt you. This all depends on what you really
    believe in, but is worth it to think about when deciding what to do with the artifacts.

    Instead, it may be a wiser move to instead purchase knick knacks or statues from the countries you visit. They would be a
    constant reminder of your trip and can complement your home’s décor if you choose wisely. Then, you will not have to worry
    about offending future house guests with your artifacts and instead can focus on discussing your past trips and experiences
    rather than stick up for your choices.

    So, what should you do with the artifacts you already have? Well, you could donate them to a museum or find a way to donate
    them to a local college or university that can find the appropriate uses for them and possibly use them in their classes
    dealing with the subject matter the artifacts represent.

    Donating the artifacts will also show that you are interested in making sure that others can learn from your artifacts and
    will be able to see a piece of history up close and personal. That way, you will be looked at as a person who is concerned
    with education rather than someone who is only interested in what your home looks like without concerns for other cultures.

    Next time, think wisely about what you bring home with you. If you would get offended by it if the tables were turned, do
    not do it. It goes back to the old adage, treat others like you would like to be treated. That goes for ancient people as
    well. They still have ancestors who are looking out for them today and still want to give them the respect they deserve.