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  • What Will People Consider Artifacts in 100 years?

    Do you ever stop to think  that one day, the life we living now will be considered history? A weird thought because we think
    of the past as back in the “olden days” where people had to walk barefoot to school both ways in the snow and they didn’t
    have the Internet or radio to keep them company on boring Saturday afternoons.

    An interesting thought is what will people consider to be artifacts when they look at us in 100 years? Will they look at
    our high tech cell phones and laugh because we were so amused by the simple things in life? Will they look at the war in
    Iraq and realize that it was the point when the world really started to break down? Will they curse us for ruining the
    planet and the natural beauty of the Earth for them?

    Chances are, they will look at our technology, our blogs, our photos and celebrity obsession and take that as the artifacts
    from these years of our lives. It is not necessarily a bad thing, we do not know if the world will be in ruin in 100 years
    or if it will be this utopia where world peace reins and world hunger has ended. What we do know is what we have here today,
    and what we have is not that bad.

    We have terrorism, we have war and we have enough violence to last lifetimes. We also have a lot of peace, love and hope
    that can serve as lasting artifacts for the future. Future generations can look back at the artifacts we leave and know we
    were a body of people who were trying to do the right thing while getting stuck in the mistakes of the past.

    Hopefully people of the future will continue to learn from our mistakes and use our artifacts as guides to continually
    improve the world. They could also just take a look at the party pictures that we leave and laugh because we at least knew
    how to have a good time!

    People can sit and hypothesize about the future and remember the past for what it was. What we can do is make our mark for
    the future to show others and make them understand what we as people were all about. We worked hard, we played even harder
    and we loved to make a difference. In the end, that will be all that matters.

    Then, maybe in 200 years, the people will look back at us in history and recognize that this was the time in history when
    people were really focused on doing the right thing and creating a better life for everyone in it, including the people of
    the future.

    Can they get all of this from the artifacts we leave behind? Of course! We have learn from past generations that way,
    haven’t we? That is why we leave behind our mark, to show the people of the future what we did and where we are going. Who
    knew artifacts told that whole story?