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  • How To Work From Home On eBay: Open An eBay Store

    Want to know how to work from home on eBay: open an eBay store. An eBay store can offer your work from home business another avenue for sales. There are many advantages to opening up a store. Let's explore what eBay stores have to offer your work from home business.

    There are 3 levels to the eBay store option. This does not include the ProStore option which is different. Fees apply to eBay Stores. As long as you meet the basic requirements, you can have your eBay store up and running in under an hour.

    The requirements to opening an eBay store are simple. You must have a valid eBay ID and be a registered user. A score or rating of 20 or greater is required. New users need to understand eBay basics before launching a store. Finally, a verified PayPal account in good standing or being ID Verified is required. If you meet these simple requirements then you can open an eBay store.

    Basic Store:
    Just starting out with your work from home eBay business? Selling consistently but not in great quantities? Then a Basic Store might be for you. There is a fee of $15.95 for this store and it is the most basic level offered by eBay. You will be ready for this option if your sales are at least $100.00 per month and you are selling at least 10 items per month. Sales of less than $100.00 per month may make the fees and costs associated with the store prohibitive. The saying" walk before you run" applies here.  Get the basics of selling on eBay down. Then graduate to a store. Here is what a Basic Store will offer you. Customer/Tech support is offered 6am to 6pm Pacific Time. A store home page and unlimited product pages are included. You can have up to 5 customized pages added to your store. A unique store website name will be given to you. Up to 300 different categories can be added to the store at no charge. The Selling Manager is included in your store fee as well as other inventory management solutions. Market Place Research is not included in this subscription.

    Premium Store:
    Upgrading to a Premium Store is a good idea when your basic store is really outgrowing its space or you need expanded tools that are more cost effective when included in the $49.95 a month price tag. Before upgrading to this option your eBay business should be the $500 a month or more sales level and you should be selling at least 50 items a month. This option includes everything listed above except that customer service/tech support is 24/7. Selling Manager Pro is included as well as the Market Research Basic plan. You will also have your store included in the eBay stores gateway rotation and it will occasionally appear in searches.

    Anchor Store:
    Ok you have reached the big time. You have a work from home eBay business that is selling $5,000.00 a month or more and you are sending over 500 items per month to buyers. This is career level income for you and you should be proud. A subscription to an Anchor Store will run you $299.95 a month. As such, your store is featured in the eBay stores Gateway rotation and you get priority in searches. Market Research Pro is included as well as the Selling Manager pro. You are offered 1 GB of picture storage plus a free subscription to their picture services. If you are not a PowerSeller yet, this will come to you shortly. The biggest decision here is to justify the expense of $299.95 a month. However, if you meet the suggested requirements, you should have no trouble with this fee.

    Knowing how to work from home on eBay is a task in itself. The decision to open an eBay store should be thought out long and hard. There are many options to consider and you must take into account how cost effective it will be for you. Once all of the data is examines you will make a great decision.


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